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Our Talented Children!

I heard that Bill Gates was fascinated with computer programming already by the age of 12. Chopin was touring Europe as a child. A new TV Program called “Little Big Shots” shows children’s astounding capabilities. Check out your children for talents and interests—the earlier the better. Often all they need is guided exposure to start a lifetime of outstanding success.

Maria Montessori pointed out that a child raised where several languages are spoken, such as in a foreign embassy, has no trouble picking up all of them by the age of five.

Don’t wait until your children are "old enough.” By that time, they may have passed the point where it is easiest to learn. I feel Montessori’s book “The Secrets of Childhood” should be must reading for all parents. Also, I heartily recommend Joyce Herzog’s book “Learning in Spite of Labels.” (Click here to see it on this website!)

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