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Fall is coming right up!

10% off any Scaredy Cat Reading System Level product. That's Level 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, or Nutshell products! Price is already reflected in the listed price.


Let's not forget to

have some...


Cook up some fun!

Hide the Word in your heart!

School in a Box!

single serve recipes pic.jpg

Single Serve Recipes is a great way to get into the kitchen and get your child cooking! But even more, it gets them involved in real life math skills, critical thinking, planning ahead, even chemistry! The best part? They... and you... get to sample the results!

PDF copy just $3.00. It's a great deal!

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Ten Commandents Dice

Learn the 10 Commandments the fun way!

Kids love the fun-shaped 10-sided die, with one commandment on each face. Includes one small 10-sided die, one 6-sided die, and several small crosses and doves to use as game tokens or prizes for great memorization!

Includes a booklet with suggested activities and games to enhance learning. Just $6.75! That's a whopping 25% off!!

"School in a Box" Learning Through Fun!

This awesome multi-level teaching tool has successfully enhanced learning for preschoolers through college students! Three levels (available separately) make it easy for you to teach many subjects and develop various skills. (please note: Pictures are representative only. Contents may vary slightly from box to box.)


  • The Junior level manual comes with a pre-filled box for teaching multiple skills, playing many games, and learning so many concepts! It will be fun for both of you! Ages 5-10, approximately.

  • The Senior level manual comes with a pre-filled box for teaching multiple skills, playing many games, and learning so many concepts! It will be fun for both of you! Use it to enhance science and math concepts for upper level learning, as well as writing and grammar skills. Ages 11-100! 

  • The Toddler level manual is sold alone and has fabulous ideas for teaching basic concepts of counting, colors, letters, size concepts, sequencing, etc. to your youngest learners. All materials are readily available around the house! Up to approximately age 5.

If you’d prefer to make your own kits, you can order the junior  or senior level manuals separately.

Complete Kit: Just $10.88  Manuals Only: $4.50

That's 10% off the regular prices!


[NOTE] – Many moms have told us, over the years, that they bought the manuals alone, thinking they’d assemble their own boxed kits. But then life happened, and they just never got to around to doing it. So, we would hear from them again the next year, and they’d go ahead and purchase the pre-made kit! Take a tip from many moms who have “been there and done that!”

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Mental Fitness Cards!

Mental Fitness Cards

Mental Fitness Cards are mental stretching exercises for all ages!

Anytime is the right time for Mental Fitness!



They will build creativity, thinking, and writing skills. Carry them with you. Pull them out at the doctor’s office, in the grocery line, while waiting in the car. Put those wasted minutes to good use!

Here's some examples...

*Tell all the ways you can think of to USE OLD MAGAZINES

*How is ALASKA like FLORIDA? How are they different?

*BIRD is to SEED as COW is to ________

*Name all the things you can think of that are FOUND IN A LIBRARY

So many more... over 150 different ideas... works with younger children as well as older ones.

Now, just $5 and it's a great way to get all the kids... and adults!... involved in a family game!

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