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A new company with a line of classic products!

Once Upon a Time...


...a brilliant woman named Joyce Herzog, began to take her years of work with children with learning challenges, and distill it down into products that anyone could use to teach any child. Her intitial thought was for school districts to use her materials, but her products were quickly embraced by home educating parents. 


So, for over three decades, Joyce's products have been a favorite in homeschooling. Her gentle wisdom and humor shine in her written materials and the many workshops she has presented to thousands of attentive parents. 


Now, finally retired after so many years of faithful service to children, Joyce has passed on her materials to another, to keep them from slipping into oblivion. They were wonderful when they were new, and they're just as wonderful now! Please take a look!                                                                                                        

Chapter Two....


In 1997, while deciding on a slate of speakers for the MassHOPE Christian Homeschool Convention (which I oversaw at the time), a "new-to-homeschool" speaker named Joyce Herzog came to my attention. I invited her, got to know her... and the rest is history!


My name is Wendy Orth and I've been involved in homeschooling since 1989 when I became part of the MassHOPE Board of Directors. My husband and I home educated all six of our children from birth on, and they are now all young adults making very productive lives for themselves in the community at large. Amongst them are graphic designers, Airmen, Mechanical Engineers, Accountants, moms, dads, and just plain fun, wonderful people! 


When Joyce was ready to retire, I was honored to be able to carry her products forth into this century! I believe in them with my whole heart, believe in her vision, and know they work. Trained as an Occupational Therapist, I see how well her products "hit the mark" for children (and adults!) with challenges... and how they can work equally well for non-challenged children! Visit my shop to see all of her wonderful products!

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