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Budding Authors: Then and Now

Budding Authors: Then and Now

The fourth book in the Budding Authors Series, Then and Now encourages learners to make comparisons between the way we did things 100 years ago and now.
  • Then let's move on to Level 4...Now!

    By making comparisons, your learner moves into writing paragraphs. Indenting becomes automatic as the first line has a built-in indent.

    The pictures are from a book for “new citizens” from the early 20th century. They show family life and occupations from another time and ask your student to compare the way things were done with the way it is now. Some things never change: we eat, we play, we work.

    Other things do change: We no longer wash our clothes in a tub, wring them out and hang them to dry or make a wall by hanging lathe and plastering over it. Your students gain an appreciation for the conveniences we have today while they develop more mature thinking skills and learn to write in paragraphs.

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