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Choosing and Using Curriculum

Choosing and Using Curriculum

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:
What am I doing?
Why am I doing it that way?
Are there other ways?
Which way is best for my family?
Where do I get the resources I need to make it happen?
How do I avoid over-spending on curriculum?
This book is a wealth of information!
  • What's Inside?

    Topics and chapters include:
    - Comparison of reading programs
    - Comparison of math programs
    - Developing written expression
    - Adapting materials for special situations.
    - General homeschooling resources
    - Resources for blind, deaf and speech language
    - Curriculum types and styles
    - How to take a snapshot of your child’s progress

    This book is a two-hour read that will provide you with direction, comfort and the means to make your homeschool come together in the ways you dream of. It will help you clear your brain and know your mind and then find the resources you need to carry out your newly discovered vision.
    You don’t want to start homeschooling without it!

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