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Choosing & Using Curriculum audio seminar

Choosing & Using Curriculum audio seminar


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When you order an MP3 download, and you have an existing Paypal account, Paypal will automatically send us your registered email address to use for your download link. If you pay with a credit card, you will be asked to enter your email address, so make sure it’s typed accurately so you can be assured of getting your download link.
  • Understand your Curriculum choices!

    Understand your Curriculum choices so you can choose more effectively!

    Joyce presents principles to consider as well as specific comments on many available materials and their effectiveness. This will help you understand your needs better so you waste less money on materials that don’t work! We do address special needs, but have much to offer every parent making curriculum choices.


    Confused about educational styles, grade levels, or what your learner can do independently? Want to know the pros and cons of various reading and math curricula? Come hear this before you spend your $!

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