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Scaredy Cat in a Nutshell

Scaredy Cat in a Nutshell

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Scaredy Cat Reading System in a Nutshell is a level for extra review and practice – great for learners who need more review to retain concepts long-term! It's also really helpful for children who've tried to learn with other methods, with partial success, to solidify concepts.
All the stories, all the rules, extensive word and sentence lists plus multi-use board games for practice. Best used for reviewing and completing skills in reading and/or spelling or for keeping Mom one step ahead of her learners…

(This replaces the older Scaredy Cat Express... it has been updated with even more practice and games!)


    INCLUDES four great tools to make sure all phonics principles are covered thoroughly:

    • The Story Of LetterMaster MINI
    • Using LetterMaster as a Teaching Tool
    • The Rules Songs where Joyce tells the story and sings a song for each of the fifteen Scaredy Cat Rules!
    • Two big 11x17 games!
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