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Scaredy Cat Reading System, Level 2

Scaredy Cat Reading System, Level 2

$75.00 Regular Price
$67.50Sale Price
This is the second level in the world-renowned Scaredy Cat Reading System! It will take your child to a level where he can easily read and spell words with a CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) pattern.

    The Scaredy Cat Reading System Level Two Kit includes everything you’ll need to start teaching your learner beginning reading skills. It includes:

    Teacher’s Manual: General How-to Teach, Practice and Master reading and spelling, Lesson by lesson instructions to the teacher, printed script of the Audio CD lessons, list of words on word cards and additional words to include in practice for each lesson and an Answer Key for the Student Activity Book

    Student Activity Book: Practice pages for each lesson that look and feel (for the student) more like fun and games than traditional workbooks. These activities include matching word and picture, reading and understanding riddles, reading and writing beginning sentences, alphabetizing words, labeling pictures, comprehending and writing sentences and more.

    Scaredy Cat Reading System Level 2 Fun Kit: The Level 2 Fun Kit includes letter and picture flash cards, word cards coordinated lesson by lesson, a reader, 2 magnetic sheets with word endings and short (scared) vowel pictures, one copy of the LetterMaster mini and a CD of Joyce teaching each lesson.

    Everything you need to get started or to carry this task on to mastery. The only things you’ll want to add to this set are a pencil and crayons for working in the Student Activity Book. If your child already can already read all CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words (like mad, sit, hop, fun, and wet) he may not need this level; see the Scaredy Cat PreTest to confirm.


    - Additional Student Activity Books (for use with additional students)

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