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Let it All Hang Out!

Years ago, I was having a really tough homeschooling morning. The baby was screaming. The toddler had just dumped a whole pitcher of apple juice on the floor... and himself! Arguments about school work were afoot, and squabbling over who got to lay on the couch to do their reading seemed foremost.

I was tired of it. Tired of hearing the arguing, the crying. Tired of cleaning. Oh! I was SO tired of cleaning that morning. Enter the latest load of laundry. The day was breezy and warm, and so I took the basket out to hang it on the line. It was peaceful out there, and a little bit of peace crept in. I was realizing I'd been pretty short with the kids. I deserved to have a meltdown, after all. This was a hard morning!

After a couple minutes my young daughter came to the door. She stood hesitantly, and I could just feel her longing for some sense of normalcy. Timidly, she asked, "So, did you decide to let it all hang out today, mama?"

Oh, boy, had I ever! All my inner sinful self came spilling out when things didn't come up all rainbows and unicorns. I was very remorseful, and also very thankful God used this small child to gently correct me.

I also realized that all the times I've given my heavenly Father a bad time... had those adult temper tantrums... he didn't get ugly with me, but gently corrected me. I scooped up my little girl and told her I had, indeed, chosen to let it all hang out today... but in just a minute I'd have it all finished, and if she wanted to help, she could. And then, I assured her, we'd go in and start fresh. The circumstances might not get any better - but my attitude sure had!

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